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Tips for Maintaining the Value of Your Car

Pawn your car for cashBuying a new car? Congratulations! There’s nothing quite as exciting as stepping behind the driver’s wheel for the very first time. All new vehicles depreciate the most in the first 12 months, making this a critical time for maintenance, care, and careful attention. If you ever plan to sell in the future or pawn your car for cash, we believe these three tips will help you maintain your car value long-term.

Log All Maintenance

You already know you should maintain your vehicle regularly, but having proof of those maintenance sessions can help you prove your efforts. Keep receipts, invoices, and anything that shows the work done to your vehicle, either from the dealer or a private mechanic. This will also serve as proof if something happens to go wrong during maintenance.

Choose Standard Colors

We all dream of a fantastic lime-green, dandelion-yellow, or hot pink vehicle at least once in our lives, but this isn’t a wise color palette to choose from. It’s a proven fact that cars with these colors are harder to sell because the colors themselves are very niche. Stick with standard colors like silver, black, red, blue, or green to maximize your chances of a quick sell later on.

Fill It with Features

Can’t decide whether you want all those fancy features? Let us make your decision for you: You do! Those features might cost a little bit more now, but they will increase the value of your car, rewarding you when you sell. Better yet, choose a car that comes packed with standard features for free—you might even see your car’s value rise.

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