Car Pawn in Pueblo, Colorado

Massa Offers Cash for Vehicles and Used Cars for Sale

man holding cashDo you have a car that you no longer need? Massa Auto Pawn & Sales offers a simple process allowing vehicle owners to sell their cars quickly. 

Pawn your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, RV, limo, scooter, or boat. Come to our Pueblo location, and our team will help you every step of the way. Pawning a vehicle takes just minutes, and we make it simple to purchase used cars for sale that we have in stock.

Pawn Your Vehicle in a Few Short Steps

To get started, visit us in Pueblo, CO with the title/proof of ownership of your vehicle. Bring your photo ID along as well. Our staff will then appraise your vehicle and reveal what it’s worth and how much you’ll get for it—in 10 minutes or less!

Our auto pawn shop is efficient. From assessment to cutting your check, the pawn process takes about 20 minutes.

To keep the quick cash for the pawned item, leave the vehicle on our lot, and we will re-sell it to a used car buyer. We also hold your vehicle for a time; you pay 10% of the pawn amount for every 30 days it is in our possession. If you don’t pay within the first 30 days, we’ll assume you no longer need the vehicle, and we will sell it.

Thinking of picking up your vehicle at some later date? Just extend the contract and pay the 10% every 30 days, and we will honor your request.

Why Pawn with Massa?

Massa began in 1990, in Lakewood, Colorado. It has since grown into the state’s largest vehicle pawn business, with five separate car pawn shops, accepting on-road, recreational, watercraft, and construction vehicles. We’re known for our expertise, range of vehicles accepted, efficiency, and fair compensation.

Our business is professional and inviting. It is not the stereotypical image of a dark, musty shop. Each location is a bright, clean facility; customers come to us for car pawn and used vehicle sales in a welcoming, dealership-like setting.

Used Cars for Sale in Pueblo, CO

search for imagesVisitors don’t only pawn cars for cash at Massa. We also sell quality used cars, saving you money with fair pricing and flexible financing options. With a down payment, we’ll hold the vehicle until you’re ready to pick it up.

Bank or credit union financing options are available. We also offer layaway options to make the process more convenient for you. 

Search our inventory online to see what is available in Pueblo, or contact us online for free, no-obligation sales information and a quote based on the type, size/body, transmission, and vehicle age. You can also write in exactly what you want and can pay for, and we’ll do our best to match your request.

Whether you’re interested in an auto pawn loan or buying a used vehicle, visit us in Pueblo, CO, or call (719) 225-1631 today!