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5 Myths About Car Maintenance

Today’s cars can last a long time. Whether you buy one new or from auto pawn, as Colorado drivers often do, routine car maintenance is critical to extending the vehicle’s life. However, following some of the myths out there can do more harm than good, reducing your chances of getting fast cash for vehicles. Five areas to look for include:

1.    Oil Changes: It’s often advertised to change engine oil every 3,000 miles. The actual mileage depends on the oil you’re using; some oils are made to last 5,000 miles, and most modern vehicles can go up to 7,500 miles without new oil, considering normal driving conditions.1

Myths About Car Maintenance

2.    Coolant: Modern cars don’t need new coolant with every oil change. Recirculating coolant systems and newer chemical formulations have eliminated seasonal radiator flushes. Most cars can go 60,000 miles or five years before needing the coolant changed.2

3.    Automatic Transmission Flushes: Many service centers list it as routine maintenance. Manufacturers, however, often say 60,000 miles is fine.3 Transmission systems have filters, but replacement times vary with the make and model.

4.    Tire Maintenance: Most likely, you don’t have to replace a whole tire after running over a nail. Shops can patch up the hole, and you spend less. The pawn shops Colorado car sellers and buyers use will check if the tires are holding air and the treads are good. Need a tire replaced? So long as the others have good tread and are intact, changing just one is fine, disproving another common and expensive myth.

5.    Warranties: Many car owners believe maintenance must be done at the dealership or the warranty will be voided. Not true. Stick to the schedule provided in the manual, and any certified technician will do; just make sure the work is completed and documented.

If unclear about any form of maintenance, check the car’s owner’s manual. Stick with the facts and not the myths, and ownership and car pawn can yield a vehicle that’s in top shape regardless of its age.

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