What You Need to Know: Selling Your Car to a Pawn Shop

Need quick cash for emergencies? Have an old beater sitting at home? You can get fast cash for vehicles when you sell your old car to Massa Auto Pawn & Sales. Selling to a pawn shop in Colorado doesn’t have to be any different from selling your vehicle to a regular dealership; in fact, it’s often faster and comes with less hassle, too.

Today, we’ll help you better understand what’s involved and give you a few tips to make the process go smoothly.

Pawn Shops Give You Options

Selling Your Car to a Pawn Shop

The best reason to use a pawn shop in Colorado for your old vehicle is that it gives you options. In a short-term pinch? Get quick cash from Massa for your vehicle no hassle and buy it back after a 30 day period plus the 10% fee.  You can extend your pawn contact if need be. Prefer to sell outright? We can do that, too. Just call!

What You Need

If you’re ready to sell, use our easy pawn quote form, and we’ll call you back with our best offer ASAP. If you’d rather talk to us in person, head on down to our location during office hours.

Here’s what we need to make the sale happen:

  • At least one form of ID (photo ID included)
  • The title to your car (in your name)
  • The vehicle itself (car, truck, or motorcycle)

That’s it! We’ll take you through the rest of the process when you arrive.

Which Cars Can I Sell?

Newer vehicles in good driving conditions with up-to-date inspections will naturally receive the best price at a pawn shop, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact us about non-working or older vehicles. Selling your car at a pawn shop is a far better alternative than paying someone to take it to the junkyard or letting it sit in the driveway!

Car pawn shops will often accept vehicles other dealerships won’t accept, even on trade-ins, extending your ability to get something out of the vehicle before you buy new.