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Five Easy Ways How to Get Money Fast

For those times you have an unexpected emergency and need quick cash, you have several different options.

1. Pawn your car for cash.


  • You can get money the same day, under an hour, by selling your car.
  • If you don’t want the vehicle back, you have no further obligations.
  • It does not affect your credit.
  • It gives you access to larger amounts.


  • Your vehicle has to be paid off.

How to Get Money Fast

2. Get a cash advance against a credit card.


  • This gets you cash quickly.


  • It’s only good for small amounts.
  • Interest rates can be higher.
  • It could max out your credit cards and affect your credit score.
  • You have to pay the cash back.

3. Get a payday advance loan.


  • This is based on your income, not your credit.


  • It’s only good for small advances.
  • It has to be paid pack out of your next paycheck.
  • There are added fees and interest.

4. Pawn jewelry, gold, and silver.


  • It could provide the cash you need.


  • Not all pieces will be valuable.
  • You may not get much money.
  • Appraisals take time.

5. Apply for a secured or unsecured loan at a bank.


  • You can get larger amounts of cash.


  • It can take a week or longer to get approved.
  • Loan approvals and interest rates are based on your credit.
  • The money has to be paid back.

As you can see, pawning your car is one of the easiest and best options when you need cash right away with the least amount of hassles. To find out how much you can sell your car for, please feel free to stop by your nearest Massa Auto Pawn & Sales location or contact us at (720) 598-0081 today!