Quick and Easy Car Pawn in Aurora, CO

Pawning a car just got easier in Aurora.  Massa Auto Pawn & Sales offers an easy process. We don’t even check your credit. Sell a vehicle at its assessed value and use our buy here pay here (BHPH) policy to purchase a used one—even if you have credit problems.

A Convenient Way to Pawn Your Vehicle in Aurora, CO

Had bad luck at car dealerships trying to get them to approve your credit? Finance your vehicle purchase through our BHPH program instead. BUY HERE PAY HERE program only requires a down payment and your driver’s license, proof of where you live and work, and a few references.

Past credit problems won’t influence our decision to finance your vehicle. It’s even better than applying for bad credit auto loans!

If credit isn’t a problem, we can finance a purchase through your bank or through your credit union. Awaiting the cash to pay for your vehicle? Participate in our layaway program with a down payment, and pay the balance until the agreed-upon date, before the contract expires, and we’ll hold your vehicle at our Aurora, CO, location.

Pay us bi-weekly or monthly—whatever works best for you—and the vehicle will be yours to keep.

How Our Aurora Pawn Shop Works

Massa’s car pawn process is really quite simple. Either call us to find out if we can take your vehicle for quick cash or visit our Aurora, CO location. Just bring your proof of ownership and photo ID. The better the performance and body condition of your vehicle, the higher its value and the more cash we’ll give you. Is the mileage low and the ride free of mechanical problems? Even better!

  • Appraisal Takes Just 10 Minutes!

In fact, we can start selling your vehicle in our auto pawn shop or store it in our secure lot in 20 minutes.

We’ll hold the vehicle, if you wish, and even have indoor storage in Aurora, CO. You can pick it up within 30 days by paying us back plus 10%—no hassles. Even extend the contract for longer. We’ll add another 10% for 30 more days and re-sign the contract if you want us to hold it for 90+ days.

Buying used cars from us is just as easy as pawning cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, and boats. We’ll even take limos, ATVs, airplanes, golf carts, snowmobiles, jet skis, and construction equipment.

We Pawn Any Vehicle in Aurora, CO

Browse our vehicle pawn shop inventory online or narrow your search by selecting the year, make, and model. Search for vehicles in any category as well. As an alternative, just provide us with details on what you’re looking for, and we’ll return the inquiry with a list of what might suit you.

Call our buy here pay here car dealership at 303-731-1280 in Aurora for a free pawn quote and information about our Denver auto pawn services, inventory, and financing today.