Pawn Your Car, Buy Used Cars in Colorado Springs, CO

Massa Auto Pawn & Sales has been the leading car pawn business in Colorado since 1990. We serve customers in Colorado Springs and other locations at welcoming, professional shops that rival the area’s most prestigious car dealerships. The appearance of our facilities is a testament to the quality of the product we offer, and the customer service all clients receive.

How Massa Makes Auto Pawn Easy

Many dealers put too much pressure on your credit. We do not, thanks to buy here pay here (BHPH) financing. You just bring your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, trailer, boat, or scooter to our Colorado Springs, CO, location, and we’ll handle the rest. Bring your vehicle title or proof of ownership, and a photo ID for a free appraisal.

Get Appraised Within 10 Minutes, a Check Within 20 Minutes

It’s really that fast. Whether you bring your car, truck, ATV, limo, or even a golf cart, Massa will apply its simple formula to assess its value and determine what to give you for it. Cash our check immediately and leave our Colorado Springs auto pawn shop with cash that represents the value of your vehicle.

Unlike a car loan, you don’t have to pay us back!

How much money will you get? It depends on the condition of your vehicle, its mileage, body condition, engine and transmission performance, and wholesale value. Call ahead and find out if your vehicle will be accepted. That’s the Massa way—we help Colorado Springs, CO car owners get through the pawn process easily.

Why Go with Massa

There are many reasons to choose us for your car pawn needs.

  • Vehicles are secured in an on-site lot.
  • Keep the money, and we will handle the resale.
  • Pick up your vehicle within 30 days, and pay us back, plus 10%.
  • Extend your contract and pick up your vehicle again later.

We can store your vehicle in Colorado Springs for as long as you’d like. Keep your contract another 30 days and an additional 10% fee will be added. If you want us to hold it for more than 90 days, sign a new contract, and we’ll honor your request.

Used Cars in Colorado Springs, CO You Can Rely On

When customers pawn cars for cash, we carefully vet each vehicle. That means you get a pawn car at a great price—and one that rides well.

Tell our buy here pay here dealership what used cars and trucks for sale you want. Fill in the blanks for free, no-obligation sales information and receive a list of vehicles that meet your requirements. We’ll search our inventory for vehicles and prices within your specifications.

We Make Buying a Car Easy

If bank or credit union financing work, we’ll handle it for you. Buy here pay here financing for Colorado Springs customers is available too. Just hand us your driver’s license, proof of residence and income, current employment information, and a down payment, with references, and you’re set.

Don’t worry about bad credit. Our BHPH program is the answer to it all. Our payment dates are flexible—our finance department offers bi-weekly and monthly payment options. We also offer a layaway program for Colorado Springs, CO, customers—pay a down payment, and we’ll hold the vehicle until you can pay the balance, up until a mutually agreed-upon date.

Call us at 719-391-7296 in Colorado Springs today for more information on car pawn, buying a used vehicle, and our financing options.