How to Buy a Car from a Pawn Shop

Great savings on your next car could be right around the corner in a place you may never even consider: your local pawn shop. Though most Colorado Springs citizens assume dealerships and private sales are the only options, local citizens do pawn cars in Colorado Springs fairly frequently. As a driver, you stand to benefit in a big way—by gaining access to fantastic vehicles at much lower prices than other auto dealers. Get the best deal on your next car at local pawnshops with this easy-to-follow guide.

Review Your Budget

Before you head down to the pawnshop, decide how much you’re willing to spend and whether you have wiggle room within your budget. Remember that you often get what you pay for; the ideal goal is to save without buying a lemon. If you have a specific model or brand you prefer, look up blue book values for the vehicle. Expect to pay slightly above this number in most situations.

Explore Local Options

Call around to local pawnshops before you go shopping. See which shops offer vehicles, and ask whether they’re kept at the shop or somewhere else. Some shops have a separate vehicle lot or only show vehicles via appointment instead. Either way, the pawn shop should grant you the option to view and learn about the vehicle before you agree to purchase it.

Vehicle Report and Due Diligence

Once you decide on a car, ask the pawnshop for a vehicle report and history to verify whether it’s been in an accident or has a lien on it, or if it has other undisclosed issues. Remember: Most shops sell cars as-is. What you see is what you get! Do you need a reliable and trustworthy seller? Visit or call Massa Auto Pawn and Sales to see what’s available today.