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Seven of the Hottest Cars and Trucks for 2017

America’s getting swept up in new car fever as historically low interest rates and awesome dealer incentives make this a great time to purchase a new automobile. Choosing from all the great products out there can be tough, so check out what your friends are buying with this list of the most popular 2017 cars and trucks.

Hottest Cars and Trucks for 2017

  • Ford F-Series – A perennial favorite, the Ford F-Series of pickups continues to dominate sales in North America. The F-Series pickups have been America’s top-selling vehicle for nearly four decades.
  • Chevy Silverado – Close behind on the F-Series’ heels is the Chevy Silverado. These rugged trucks have been the F-Series’ competition for decades and have a devoted fan base.
  • RAM Trucks – Rounding out the top three are RAM trucks, which are increasingly giving Chevy and Ford a run for their money.
  • Toyota Camry – The Camry has built a reputation for reliability and utility over several decades, making it a regular on top sales lists.
  • Honda Civic – The stylish but utilitarian Civic is highly popular among young families and single commuters.
  • Toyota Corolla – The Corolla is a fuel-efficient sedan that won’t bust consumers’ budgets.
  • Honda CRV – This mid-size SUV is extremely popular among families, thanks to its attractive design, ample space, and reliability.

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