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Colorado’s Largest Auto Pawn Business

Our Lakewood auto pawn business, Massa Auto Pawn, was founded by Michael M. Massa in 1990. Michael started the company after spending 27 years in the auto glass industry. He previously owned Massa Glass, Inc. Michael started Massa Auto Pawn after realizing that many people were in search of large amounts of quick cash that didn’t involve dealing with banks.

Massa Auto Pawn started out with a single location in Denver (at 10 th and Cherokee St.). However, business took off with the company expanding by 1995 to four metropolitan locations, as well as other locations in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. By 2005, there was so much growth that the business operations were handed over to Michael T. Massa and Kimberly A. Massa. Now, Massa Auto Pawn has five locations and is the largest auto pawn business in Colorado!

Quick Cash Through Our Lakewood Auto Pawn Services

Auto pawns are extremely helpful for individuals who need to get large amounts of cash in short timeframes. When people pawn their vehicles, they gain immediate access to the funds they need.

At Massa Auto Pawn, we provide pawn all types of vehicles, such as:

  • On-the-road vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, limousines, etc.
  • Recreational vehicles: RVs, ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, etc.
  • Watercraft: boats, sail boats, jet skis, etc.
  • Construction vehicles: front-end loaders, backhoes, etc.

Because these pawned vehicles sometimes get left behind in the process, our pawn locations also serve as dealerships for moderately priced used vehicles! Don’t hesitate to visit one of our locations and check out our inventory. We are located in Lakewood.

Not Your Typical Pawn Business

When people hear the word “pawn,” they tend to think of the stereotypical image of a dark, dirty, sketchy shop. This type of image does not usually match the auto pawn business — especially not our Massa Auto Pawn locations. Instead, our locations are clean, bright, and welcoming.

Because of the great deals and great finds we offer at Massa Auto Pawn, many of our customers describe us as the best kept secret of the used car industry! We take pride in the options we offer our customers, as we realize that not everyone can afford to spend $20,000 on a vehicle.

Contact us at (720) 773-4348 to learn more about Massa Auto Pawn!